For many years, I have been converting Italian and French texts into accurate, readable English, with the accent on clarity and good written style.

I like to think of myself as a generalist, and translation has opened a window onto many fields of human activity, but I am most at home with literary, artistic and cultural material.

My clients have included publishers, NGOs, international organisations, national broadcasters and private individuals. Over the years, I have developed a strong link with Italian-speaking Switzerland.

Special interests are Madagascar, where I lived and taught for many years, and bee-keeping, my point of contact with the natural world. It is ironic that I always wanted to do an outdoor job, but now I spend hours each day in front of a computer!

I am always interested in meeting people and discussing their translation needs. I can recommend an excellent guide to commissioning translations written by Chris Durban of the ITI: Translation: Getting it Right (PDF)

As translating can be something of an isolating activity, I also enjoy social and work-related contact with fellow translators.